Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Welcome to Blue Hills Community School. We are a ECS to grade 12 school located in northern Alberta, one hour south of High Level.  The students are predominantly Mennonite. Families in the area are farmers, work in the logging industry or trucking industry.

We offer a wide range of programming and clubs. Aside from regular core courses, we offer art, music, archery, basketball, outdoor education, construction and foods. We also have two initiatives that we are focusing on for the next three years, Community of Friends and Blazer Leadership. We are focused on the three division priorities of literacy, numeracy and connectivity.

We have a staff team that works hard and has a great relationship with our parents. This is shown by our great results on the Accountability Pillar Survey. The three sets of stakeholders (teachers, parents and students) said we do an excellent job in the following areas: safe and caring, broad range of programs, student learning opportunities, preparation for lifelong learning, world of work, citizenship, parental involvement and continuous improvement.

We have a great school and we continue to work hard to better the educational experiences for our students. It takes a team effort from staff, students and parents to achieve the high standards that we have set.  

Terry Pattison